Strategic Alliances

EnergyWynn® has formed strategic alliances with industry leaders to deliver energy efficiency portfolio solutions.

V-TECH, Inc.

V-TECH is an expert in demand-side management (DSM) program planning and implementation, comprehensive tracking, automated data collection, analytics and reporting, and new technology and product development. The company brings over 40 years of industry domain and product development expertise with proven experience in delivering products that enable its customers to effectively manage their programs and meet compliance reporting needs. V-TECH’s industry leading E2DR® product suite enables utility industry companies to track, evaluate, and manage DSM programs. The product suite is the proven, scalable, and customizable one-stop solution providing program tracking, reporting, analytics, and management functions.

RMS Energy Consulting, LLC

RMS Energy Consulting provides a full range of energy engineering and program management services. Leveraging an extensive utility and customer experience, RMS has a firm understanding of California’s policy and strategic direction regarding DSM. The team’s experience involves verifying the performance of energy-efficient and dispatchable technologies and systems directly supporting California’s long-term strategic goals.