Energy Efficiency Portfolio Analytics

Analytics is integral to the attainment of energy efficiency goals, and we help program administrators of energy efficiency portfolios make informed decisions through reliable tracking, reporting, and analytics. V-TECH’s E2DR® is secure, reliable, and scalable and can rapidly launch a centralized system of tracking and reporting from all disparate sources across all sectors, programs, and measures in the portfolio.

Our EnergyWynn® Portfolio Analytics Curve Process incorporates an integrated framework for tracking and reporting; supporting evaluation, measurement and verification activities; complying with applicable laws and regulations; and improving internal control.

Real-Time Reporting

Tracking and reporting of program metrics and analysis tools


High level summary of key performance indicators at the program and portfolio levels

Reporting Support

Analysis, mitigation plans, and reporting to oversight boards and regulatory agencies


The Value of Energy Efficiency Portfolio Analytics

The $50 million residential energy efficiency portfolio consisted of 10 programs that required tracking and reporting of financial incentive payments for:

  • Direct customer rebates for the purchase and installation of qualifying energy-efficient appliances and equipment
  • Incentives to retailers for stocking and selling energy-efficient appliances
  • Incentives to lighting manufacturers for discounting energy-efficient lighting products at participating retail stores

Due to changes in laws and regulations for specific measures, the rebate and incentive programs were required to achieve stretch targets 10%-20% higher than their original energy-saving goals to maintain cost-effectiveness. Analytics identified customers for targeting specific measures and rebate processing issues impacting customer satisfaction.

The portfolio also consisted of programs that required the integration with other demand-side management programs (i.e., demand response) and tracking and reporting of non-resource programs and collection of data for evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) studies.

Contracts were executed with lighting manufacturers, appliance retailers, and implementation contractors to deliver programs, requiring tracking and monitoring to ensure vendors were notified when contracts reached 75% of budget.

In addition to producing dashboards and weekly management reports to track and monitor portfolio performance, the program administrator was required to submit monthly and quarterly reports to its oversight board, which required reconciliation of program expenditures.

Effective portfolio tracking, reporting, and analytics resulted in the following successes:

  • Portfolio exceeding energy-savings goals by 15% within budget
  • Achievement of non-energy savings goals and compliance with EM&V requirements
  • No surprises with contract administration or purchase orders exceeding funding levels
  • Informed, risk-based decisions that reduced costs by shifting resources and targeting specific measures early in the year
  • Alignment of specific measures in certain climate zones and development of successful marketing plans based on cost-effectiveness and customer demand
  • Increased customer satisfaction with timely payments of rebates and incentives
  • Timely and accurate reporting to the oversight board resulting in zero disallowances


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