Energy Efficiency Portfolio Management

We partner with program administrators to help them adapt to the increasing complexity and pace of changing policy and business requirements. We provide turnkey portfolio management services working closely with our clients to transform their portfolios for maximum performance.

Our EnergyWynn® Portfolio Maximizer Process is designed to maximize energy savings and reduce costs, and facilitate a best practice framework for internal control to help achieve important business objectives and improve and sustain performance. Our process also focuses on improving customer and vendor satisfaction.

The program administrator implemented several methods of communicating with the implementation contractors to ensure policies and procedures were followed:


Comprehensive reviews of portfolio performance against stated goals and objectives

Implementation Plans

Steps to remediate gaps and timelines to achieve performance and compliance

Continuous Improvement

Monitoring and oversight of implementation plans


Establishing Communications with Implementation Contractors to Improve Internal Control

The program administrator of a non-profit organization managed more than 200 agreements with implementation contractors responsible for delivering residential and small business energy efficiency programs. The program administrator had specific policies and procedures for implementing programs and submitting invoices for payment. The agreements contained specific clauses that required adherence to the policies and the right to audit the implementation contractors.

The internal control process involved implementing several methods of communication with the implementation contractors to ensure policies and procedures were followed:

  • Website that facilitated communications between the program administrator and the implementation contractors
  • Link on the website to the program administrator’s policies and procedures which required an electronic acknowledgement that the implementation contractor read, understood, and agreed to adhere to the policies and procedures
  • Monthly reports from the implementation contractors that reported the status on specific control activities
  • On-site audits and interviews to validate reported information
  • Annual review of implementation contractor’s internal controls and accuracy of reporting
  • Training on policies and procedures

Within one year of implementing communications with the contractors, the program administrator experienced a significant improvement in internal controls and identified opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs. The program administrator’s annual vendor satisfaction survey showed a 30% improvement over the previous year’s survey.


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